Balmerino Abbey

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[Balmerino Abbey]

Balmerino Abbey differs from most National Trust for Scotland sites. No gift shop, no guided tours (in fact, no staff at all) and happily no admission charge. Leaflets in a box near the entrance provided the information for our own exploration of the ruined 13th century monastery, partly held up by wooden props but still with some interesting architectural features visible. Also look out for the gnarly old Spanish Chestnut tree, reputed to have been planted to mark the abbey's founding (although signs on site put this in doubt!) in 1229.

[Spanish Chestnut in the abbey grounds]

Location & info

📌 Balmerino Abbey ★★
Balmerino village centre, G.R.: NO 358247 ///straddled.frames.revival
Always viewable (exterior only) | Free

[The abbey was later converted into a house for the Lords of Balmerino, including this first floor extension]


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