Eglinton Country Park

North Ayrshire | Kilwinning | Park | ★★

[A dreich morning at Eglinton Loch]

Eglinton Castle is the centrepiece to this park straddling the Lugton Water near Kilwinning, the ruins the most tangible reminder of the large estate once belonging to the Earls of Eglinton. In 1839 the 13th earl hosted the Eglinton Tournament here celebrating Queen Victoria's coronation. This was one of the most lavish events the country had ever seen, re-enacting a medieval joust with 100,000 spectators attending. This being Scotland, torrential August rain marred the spectacle and scant evidence of the tournament remains. There's plenty else to see here if you live in the area though, with woodland, parkland and lochside walks linking the visitor centre, castle and various hidden-away buildings. Print out a map from the park website to get the best out of your visit, as signposting is limited.

[Eglinton Castle]

📌 Eglinton Country Park 
Location (visitor centre): Off A78 / A737 junction, Kilwinning, G.R.: NS 320420 ///earl.tutorial.nature
Features: Eglinton Castle; Eglinton Loch; various other buildings
Open: Always
Cost: Free

📌 Eglinton Castle
Description: Remains of the once-lavish palace built around 1800 - after falling into ruin, much was demolished in the 1970s before the park was opened to the public.
Location: 5-min walk northeast of the visitor centre, G.R.: NS 323422 ///
Open: Always (exterior only)
Cost: Free

[Ice house in the woods south of Eglinton Loch]


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