Scottish Maritime Museum (Dumbarton)

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[The Denny Tank]

From the outside, the Dumbarton outpost of the Scottish Maritime Museum looks small and insignificant. In reality, it'd be difficult to overstate its importance in shipbuilding history. From the back of the building, the Denny Tank stretches for a hundred metres to the south. This was the world's first commercial ship testing tank, in which scaled-down versions of countless ships underwent testing here prior to construction. The tank's applications continued beyond conventional boats: hovercrafts and even helicopters both partially owe their existence to the Denny Brothers, who also built the Cutty Sark. The museum itself is reasonably small, reflected by the smaller admission charge compared to the main site in Irvine, and comprises mainly the various stages in constructing models wax models for testing. The photographs documenting the town's transformation as shipbuilding declined are also fascinating.

[Wax model under construction for testing in the Denny Tank]

Location & info

📌 Scottish Maritime Museum (Dumbarton) ★★
Castle Street, Dumbarton town centre, G.R.: NS 400752 ///origin.rests.hike
🚆 Dumbarton Central 🚌 Bus to Dumbarton | 🚗 Car park
Open Monday to Saturday | £4.50 adult / free for accompanied children

[Scottish Maritime Museum exhibits]


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