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[Crocodile Rock]

"The Crocodile and The Frog" sounds like something out of Aesop's Fables, but they're actually two comically painted rocks close to the A85 just east of St Fillans. The crocodile is by far the larger of the two and actually has a little history: painted over a century ago (possibly by local youths) to the delight of rail passengers passing on the now dismantled railway, and evidently still given regular new coatings. It's also visible from passing cars if you know exactly when and where to look, as is the roadside frog nestling amongst vegetation by the entrance to the village. Access on foot (particularly for the crocodile) is a little more difficult - see notes below - but they make a quirky addition to a visit to Loch Earn or St Fillans village.

[Frog Rock (24/4/16)]

Location & info

📌 Crocodile Rock
Off the A85 1 mi east of St Fillans village centre, G.R.: NN 710238 ///testy.coughed.salmon
Always viewable | Free

💬 No parking nearby Crocodile Rock. One option is to park on Station Road, then follow the A85 briefly east before turning left to Little Port Farm. Pass through the farm to reach a dismantled railway behind, turn right and follow the track bed for nearly a km (15 mins) until the rock comes into view just to the left. Parking as for the Frog Rock (below) and heading cross country (northwest) a short distance to the same track bed is shorter, but with high bracken in summer.

📌 Frog Rock
Next to the A85 half a mile east of St Fillans village centre, G.R.: NN 706240 ///random.strategy.existence
Always viewable | Free

💬 Space for just one car near track entrance just to the west (opposite the double slash sign for the 30 mph speed limit entering St Fillans from the east). Frog Rock is on the left just to the east (beware traffic) shortly after the triple slash sign.

[Crocodile Rock]


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