Falls of Edinample

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[Falls of Edinample]

A site visitor in September 2019 reported this waterfall is no longer accessible. Info below may be out of date.

This idyllic and impressive waterfall is less than 100 metres from the road along the south side of Loch Earn, but being completely unsigned and hidden from view, it's missed by most passing cars. The parking arrangements are slightly unfriendly but the road widens immediately to the east of the bridge over the Burn of Ample, so there should be ample plenty of space to leave a single car without blocking the passing place. After picking your way down to the base of the falls, the only thing sharing your view of the 60 foot cascade is Edinample Castle: a fairytale (private) tower house built in the 16th century and restored in recent decades.

[Edinample Castle, seen from the base of the falls]

📌 Falls of Edinample ⛔
By minor road over the Burn of Ample, a mile southeast of Lochearnhead, G.R.: NN 602225 ///flips.curls.those

[Road bridge over the Burn of Ample]


  1. Went there two days ago (Sept 19) and it's no longer possible to get there. The viewing point and path were washed away and the owners of the castle have now registered it as private garden, so no right to roam. It's dangerous now. Sorry but this one is no more.


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