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[Anchor Mill, Paisley]

Paisley's a curious old place. With its history as a religious centre stretching back to the founding of Paisley Abbey in 1163, the industrial revolution of the late 18th century propelled the town to new heights as a prosperous weaving settlement and purveyor of the famous Paisley Pattern. Good times weren't to last: today it's still (probably) Scotland's largest town but the local economy appears to have seen better days. A lot of grand buildings provide clues to its former status, and in 2017 the town just missed out on being crowned UK City of Culture 2021. There are still several worthwhile attractions dotted around, and it's just a matter of knowing where to go. The museum at the west end of the High Street is the best place to start; after that, your options may be dictated by the day of the week you happen to be visiting on.

[High Street (21/7/16)]

📌 Paisley
Location: G.R.: NS 484640 ///brings.impact.jolly
Anything else? On weekdays you'll need to head a little way out of town to find parking which doesn't have a charge.

[Paisley Abbey (14/9/19)]

Within walking distance

>> Paisley Abbey ★★
>> Paisley Museum
>> Sma' Shot Cottages 
>> St Mirin's Cathedral ★★
>> Thomas Coats Memorial Church 

[Paisley Town Hall (3/5/17)]


>> Stanely Castle  (2 miles away)
>> Gleniffer Braes  (3 miles away)

[Stanely Castle (10/4/16)]


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