Scottish Wool Centre

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[Scottish Wool Centre]

The Scottish Wool Centre in Aberfoyle is largely just a rather large shop - and so a type of tourist attraction which we don't regularly write about on Scotland Off the Beaten Track. But for 6 months each year the centre runs low key but nevertheless entertaining livestock demonstrations, 3 times daily. If you happen to be visiting the village at the right time, they're well worth hoofing it across the road to; the demonstrations are also free, as presumably the staff are looking to fleece you in the shop instead. The Gathering - as the show is called - features Indian runner ducks being herded around various obstacles by sheepdogs. As might be expected for a wool centre, there are also a variety of different breeds of sheep to lock horns with, as well as goats, horses, hens and doves.

[Scottish Wool Centre - duck race]

Location & info

📌 Scottish Wool Centre ★★
Off the A821, Aberfoyle village centre, G.R.: NN 522009 ///stitching.trail.bleak
Open daily (animal shows April to September only - see official website for times) | Free

[Scottish Wool Centre]

[Scottish Wool Centre]

[Scottish Wool Centre]


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