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[Stanely Castle]

Once great, having since fallen on hard times, but still somehow standing proud... that's no way to talk about Paisley! But it's an apt description of this 15th century, L-plan tower house in the town's southern suburbs. Originally built on dry ground within an area of marshland, since the 1800s it's been completely surrounded by the waters of Stanely Reservoir which lap directly at the walls. Not much to see here, and getting to a decent viewpoint requires negotiating a rather muddy footpath, but it's an interesting insight into what this area used to be like before being overtaken by urban sprawl.

[The castle from the reservoir's southeast bank]

Location & info

📌 Stanely Castle
Stanely Reservoir, 2 mi southwest of Paisley town centre, G.R.: NS 464616 ///scar.drums.sits
Always open (view from reservoir bank only) | Free

💬 Park on the B775 immediately south of the petrol station and junction with Braeview Drive. Walk south and access the reservoir through white gates on the right, then follow its southern bank for about 400 m to the part directly overlooking the castle. This involves crossing one of the reservoir inflow channels (usually dry, but possibly full after rain) and a rather muddy path beyond through woodland.

[Stanely Reservoir has a pleasantly semi-rural feel despite its urban location]


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