Walk: Duncryne - Lomond Highland snapshot

West Dunbartonshire | Gartocharn | Short walk | ★★★★★

[View north from Duncryne]

It's hardly more than a pimple on the face of gently rolling countryside south of Loch Lomond, but the short wander to the summit of Duncryne reveals exquisite views equal to almost any in the Highlands (though geologically speaking, it's actually just in the Lowlands). A diminutive 142 metres high and locally nicknamed the Dumpling, this former volcano overlooks the horseshoe of hills surrounding the upper reaches of Loch Lomond. Ben Lomond, the Luss Hills and the Arrochar Alps are all clearly in view as well as the Campsie Fells to the east. A perfect, straightforward walk for families or quick escape from the crowds of nearby Glasgow.

[Approach to Duncryne]

Location & info

📌 Walk: Duncryne - Lomond Highland snapshot ★★★★★
Start / finish on minor road 0.5 mi southeast of Gartocharn, G.R.: NS 433856 ///builds.fond.humans
🚌 Bus to Gartocharn (0.5 mi) | 🚗 Layby (gets full)

▶ 1 km / <1 mi | ▲ 90 m | ⌚ Short
Features: △ Duncryne (142 m)
Easy | Good path to base of hill with a short, potentially muddy section. Steeper, narrower path for ascent.

Route: Start - Duncryne Hill - return by outward route (or similar)

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On our visit

Wildlife: Robins and other small birds.
Weather: Bright sunshine with little wind, temperatures in mid teens.

[The route starts on a good path through woodland]


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