Camusdarach Beach (Silver Sands)

Highland | Morar | Beach | ★★★★

[The islands of Eigg (left) and Rùm (centre) from Camusdarach Beach]

The old coast road between Arisaig and Morar passes a string of beaches which must be amongst the most beautiful in Scotland. These are the Silver Sands, and as the sun sets at the end of a fine day there's nowhere closer to heaven. Out of those close to the road, Camusdarach is one of the very best: unlike many of the others it's not marred by caravan sites, instead backed by a magnificent row of sand dunes. It's probably also the most popular, not least because it appeared in the film Local Hero, but there are usually more than enough of the golden (or should that be silver?) grains to go around.

[View from the beach towards Skye's Sleat peninsula, the Cuillin Hills beyond]

Location & info

📌 Camusdarach Beach (Silver Sands) ★★★★
By the B8008 2 mi southwest of Morar, G.R.: NM 661918 ///blissful.jelly.describes

💬 From the car park at G.R. NM 665917 ///audit.rhino.image, a choice of paths lead through the dunes or along a burn to the beach, a few hundred metres away. The beach looks best at low tide, though there's always some sand above the water level.

[Houses behind Camusdarach Beach]


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