Castle Tioram

Highland | Acharacle | Castle | ★★★★

[Approaching Castle Tioram from the causeway]

Castle Tioram is undoubtedly one of Scotland's special castles despite a particularly frustrating recent history. The name (which is pronounced cheerum) translates as dry castle - appropriate since the building sits on a island linked to mainland Moidart by a narrow causeway that floods at each high tide. Probably originally a stronghold of Clan MacRuari, parts of the pentagonal ruin date back to the 1200s despite numerous subsequent alterations. At first glance it seems to have withstood the tests of west coast weather fairly well. However, its current biggest threat is manmade. A long disagreement between the owners (who want to modernise the castle) and Historic Environment Scotland (which has refused permission) has resulted in a standoff during which the interior has become increasingly unstable, with access inside now blocked off. Nevertheless the exterior more than warrants a visit, coupled with an intensely beautiful setting amidst Loch Moidart, its scattered islands and the spectacular Silver Walk. Urquhart Castle has nothing on this.

[View of the castle from The Silver Walk]

Location & info

📌 Castle Tioram ★★★★
Close to minor road end 3 mi north of Acharacle, G.R.: NM 662724 ///mothering.miracles.keep
Always open (exterior only), but access causeway (just) floods at high tide | Free

💬 The castle is a 5-min walk (each way) north from the large car park, around the bay on a clear path then across the sandy, tidal causeway.

[Castle Tioram]


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