Cluny House Gardens

Perth & Kinross | Aberfeldy | Garden | ★★★

[Cluny House]

Cluny House Garden isn't a typical public garden. If you're expecting perfectly manicured lawns and well-trimmed hedges, forget it. Instead, this hilltop hideaway is an intimate woodland paradise with red squirrels seemingly scampering around every turn of the twisting, narrow paths which you navigate by aid of numbered waymarkers. Himalayan plants are the garden's speciality, but the gardens also boast Britain's widest conifer. With a circumference of 11 metres, it's surrounded by squirrel feeders as well as (hopefully) the rusty rodents themselves; visit early or late in the day for the best chance of spotting them - we've never seen so many at a single location before.

[Cluny House Gardens]

Location & info

📌 Cluny House Gardens ★★★
Off minor road 3 mi northeast of Aberfeldy, G.R.: NN 879514 ///type.debut.ramble
Open daily (probably best in spring / summer) | £5 adult / £1 child

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