The Govan Stones

Glasgow | Govan | Carved stones | ★★★

[Two of the five Viking hogbacks]

The Old Church in the once heavily industrial suburb of Govan is the location for no fewer than 31 magnificent medieval stones. Viking hogbacks, standing stones, cross slabs and a single sarcophagus are dotted around the church in a rough clockwise loop. All have been discovered over the centuries in the surrounding area, which was once a key religious centre within the ancient kingdom of Strathclyde. The sheer size of the church is a reminder of the area's long history and former status - once distinct from that of nearby Glasgow - and a fitting place for the stones.

[Govan Old Church]

📌 The Govan Stones ★★
Location: Govan Old Church, Govan town centre, G.R.: NS 553659 ///actor.former.empire
Open (2019): Afternoons, April to October
Cost (2019): Free



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