Corran Sands

Isle of Jura | Craighouse | Beach | ★★★

[Corran Beach]

Location & info

Corran Sands is a candidate for Jura's best beach and one of the many good reasons to explore the narrow main road beyond Craighouse. The white sand extends for a couple of miles east from the main road, split in two by the fast-flowing Corran River. Meanwhile, the machair behind the bay doubles as the island's emergency landing strip, backed by the scree-ridden domes of the Paps of Jura (on a clear day).

[Emergency landing strip]

📌 Corran Sands ★★
Off the A846 3 mi north of Craighouse, Isle of Jura, G.R.: NR 540710 ///stall.repeating.walks

💬 Park either just off the main road at the west end of the beach, or on the minor road to Knockrome. Best at low tide.

[View towards the the Small Isles from the beach]


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