Earl's Bu & Church

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[The Round Church]

The scattered community of Orphir is home to the ruins of an unusual round church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas and dating to the early 12th century. Next door are the remains of the Earl's Bu, the Norse Earl Paul's residence over the same period. The site's location close to Houton ferry terminal made it an appealing stop-off for us on the way back from a day on Hoy - appealing apart from the dead seagull in the middle of the lawn, anyway. Both buildings are mentioned in the annals of the Orkneyinga Saga. If you're not sure what that is, take a look in the Orkneyinga Saga Centre next to the car park.

[Earl's Bu]

Location & info

📌 Earl's Bu and Church ★★
Gyre Road, 1 mi east of Houton ferry terminal, Orkney Mainland, G.R.: HY 335044 ///wobbles.defining.struck
🚌 Bus stops on A964 (0.5 mi) | 🚗 Car park
Always open (Orkneyinga Saga Centre: probably daily except low season) | Free

[Earl's Bu]


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