Gosford House

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[Gosford House from the west]

Restricted public open days mean that Gosford House is little-known compared to some of the Central Belt's great stately homes. This neoclassical mansion was constructed by Robert Adam over 21 years in the late 1700s (though it wasn't completed until after his death) for the 7th Earl of Wemyss, nestling amongst 5,000 acres of grounds by the Firth of Forth around 10 miles east of Edinburgh. The sheer opulence of the interior, including a jaw-dropping entrance hall almost entirely made out of marble, instantly repays the patience needed in waiting for a tour date. Today it's a house of two distinct parts. The southern two-thirds live up to the grandeur promised by the magnificent exterior and entrance hall. But look closely when you approach along the entrance drive and you might notice that the windows on the north wing appear to be either blacked out or even painted on. Indeed, the entire northern wing was gutted by fire in the 1940s and remains roofless to date. Fortunately there's still plenty to see on an excellent tour of the surviving majority of the mansion.

[...and the south...]

Location & info

📌 Gosford House ★★★★
Off A198 1 mi southwest of Aberlady, G.R.: NT 453785 ///mystified.clocks.install
🚌 Bus stops on A198 at house turnoff | 🚗 Car park
Open irregular dates in April, July & August - see official website | £8 adult / free for children

[...and the east]


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