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Attractively-named Kettletoft is easily the most photogenic of Sanday's two main settlements, on a narrow headland between two of the large bays so typical of the island. The small clutch of houses is strung along the west side of Kettletoft Bay, with a harbour that used to be Sanday's main ferry port and part of a thriving herring industry... no longer, and the former hustle and bustle is hard to imagine today. On the other side of the headland is Backaskaill Bay, probably Sanday's busiest beach. Having said that, Sanday doesn't exactly get "busy"...

[Lamb on the road into Kettletoft]

Location & info

📌 Kettletoft
Sanday, G.R.: HY 659385 ///riverside.slant.bath

🚶 Backaskaill Bay is about a mile's walk by road - or less if you cut across the pathless headland. Quoyness Cairn isn't far as the crow flies, but is in fact a significantly longer walk around the jagged coastline.
🚌 There's a pier... but no public ferries call at it. Access to Sanday is at Loth, several miles to the south.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Sanday beaches page: Backaskaill Bay ★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Walk: Cowed by coos at Quoyness Cairn page: walk ★★★; Quoyness Chambered Cairn ★★★★ (1 mi →)
>> Sanday Heritage Centre ★★ (2 mi →)

[Backaskaill Bay]


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