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[Longhope harbour]

To find Hoy's largest settlement, you first need to leave Hoy. What? Well, the village of Longhope is actually located on South Walls, an island off the south end of Hoy once only connected at low tide to its larger neighbour. Now there's a tarmac causeway, and for all intents and purposes the two islands are now a single landmass. The village is tiny: a handful of houses, one or two places to eat, a single shop and (if you're lucky with the irregular opening times) a small lifeboat museum. But you'll probably pass through on the way to the Martello Tower at Hackness.

[Hackness Martello Tower]

📌 Longhope
Hoy, G.R.: ND 304909 ///inflamed.starts.dearest


>> Hackness Martello Tower ★★ (3 miles away)


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