Scapa Flow Visitor Centre

Orkney | Hoy | Museum | ★★★★

[Scapa Flow Visitor Centre - main building and pumping station]

When alighting from the vehicle ferry at Lyness, Hoy, one of the first things you'll notice is a large white building backed by an industrial-looking metal cylinder. Not particularly promising from the outside, but these buildings (and a few others) are home to Hoy's best man-made attraction: a superb museum dedicated to Scapa Flow's eventful wartime history. The large site encompasses a trio of impressive buildings full of exhibitions, vehicles and boats of all shapes and sizes; a couple of hours here and you'll never look at this section of Orkney's inshore waters in the same way again.

[Exhibits in the pumping station]

Location & info

📌 Scapa Flow Visitor Centre ★★★★
Close to Lyness Ferry Terminal, Hoy, G.R.: ND 310947 ///jets.whisk.recoup
Closed until 2021 for refurbishment - temporary exhibition in Hoy Hotel, Lyness | Free

[Ships on display]


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