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[Skaill House]

Skaill House is a 17th century mansion built by Bishop George Graham close to Orkney Mainland's western coastline. Despite being one of Orkney's finest houses it would probably be overlooked by many tourists if it weren't for the fact that it's included in the summer admission charge for the neighboring site of Skara Brae. The link goes further than the entrance ticket though: Skara Brae was discovered by the house's 7th Laird, William Graham Watt, in 1850 following a major storm. Suddenly coming across a 5,000-year old village in your back garden must have been quite something...

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Location & info

📌 Skaill House ★★
By B9056 4 mi west of Dounby, Orkney Mainland, G.R.: HY 234186 ///
🚌 Infrequent bus to Skara Brae | 🚗 Car park at Skara Brae
Open daily, April to October | £9 adult / £5.40 child / free for Historic Scotland members, combined with Skara Brae

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