Walk: Paps of Jura - going for Gold

[Beinn a' Chaolais seen from Beinn an Oir (Mountain of Gold)]

One natural land feature dominates all others on the Isle of Jura: the three mighty Paps. These unlikely, scree-ridden domes offer an epic, tough day walk, requiring stamina as well as navigational and hillwalking experience (and logistical planning to coincide with the ferries if you're not already based on the island). Deep bogs, pathless terrain, long scree runs and rough boulderfields are all part and parcel of Jura's signature walk... but so are some of Scotland's most dramatic and unique views, so it's essential to pick a good weather day. There's a good chance of encountering plenty of interesting wildlife too - remember, red deer are said to outnumber people on Jura by 30 to one. All-in-all, taking on the trio of tops is a memorable outing well worth the effort involved.

[Beinn Shiantaidh from the boggy approach path]

📌 Walk: Paps of Jura - going for Gold ★★★
▶ 17 km / 11 miles | ▲ 1400 metres | ⌚ Full day walk
Main summits: Beinn Shiantaidh (757 metres, Graham); Beinn an Oir (785 metres, Corbett); Beinn a' Chaolais (733 metres, Graham)
Points of interest: Loch an t-Siob'
Start / finish: Layby on the A846 immediately east of the Corran River, G.R.: NR 545721 ///gasp.dirt.outsmart

Route: Layby - cross Corran River - Loch an t-Siob outflow - Beinn Shiantaidh - Imir an Aonaich - Beinn an Oir - Màm an t-Siob' - Beinn a' Chaolais - south bank of Loch an t-Siob - start
Terrain: Approach path is very boggy in places; ascent and descent from Paps often on paths, but also sections of scree, boulderfields and steep ground (hands may be needed in one or two spots). Pathless return from base of Beinn a' Chaolais.
Wildlife today: Red deer, a large adder, newts, lots of frogs, bees, a few ticks.
Weather today: Sunshine and heavy showers, sometimes windy; summits intermittently cloud-covered.

[Beinn an Oir from Beinn a' Chaolais]

Route map

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)


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