Walk: Yesnaby's two-legged Castle

Orkney Mainland | Yesnaby | Short walk | ★★★★

[Yesnaby Castle from the Point of Qui Ayre]

From the Brough of Birsay at one end to Stromness at the other, the western coastline of Orkney Mainland has a superb array of scenery. One of the most dramatic sections is at Yesnaby, with grand sandstone cliffs, geos, caves and sea stacks just south of the car park at a ruined gun battery left over from World War II. One of the highlights is Yesnaby Castle: balancing on a two-footed plinth, it's the second most spectacular sea stack on Orkney after the Old Man of Hoy. This short walk is a good option whatever the weather, although perhaps best on a wild day with boiling seas, when huge waves smash into the base of the cliffs and drench passers-by with sea spray.

[View south along the coast towards Hoy]

📌 Walk: Yesnaby's two-legged Castle ★★★
▶ 2 km / 1 mile | ▲ 50 metres
Features: Brough of Bigging; Point of Qui Ayre; Yesnaby Castle
Start / finish: Car park at minor road end, Yesnaby, G.R.: HY 221161 ///duet.tangling.hails

Route: Start - Brough of Bigging - Point of Qui Ayre - Yesnaby Castle - return by outward route
Terrain: Rough paths with cliff edges nearby.
Wildlife today: A few fulmars and other seabirds; a couple of seals at the Brough of Bigging.
Weather today: Overcast with spots of rain in the strong wind.

[Noust of Bigging]

Route map

Route credit: Scotland off the beaten track


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