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[Whitehall from the Kirkwall ferry]

Seeing Stronsay described as being "all arms and legs" starts getting a bit wearing when you've read it for the 5th time in consecutive tourist brochures, but they have a point. Large bays cut into the land on all sides, leaving a gangly island with nowhere more than about a mile from the coast. Located on the skinny northeastern arm is Whitehall, Stronsay's main settlement, harbour and the only place on the island larger than a few houses. This was once a major fishing port; nowadays the herring fleets have largely been replaced by the odd dinghy and a few sleepy black guillemots.

[Black guillemot on Whitehall pier]

Location & info

📌 Whitehall
Stronsay, G.R.: HY 659285 ///repeat.snips.picture

🚌 Whitehall is the port for the Stronsay ferry from Kirkwall on Orkney Mainland, with some boats also calling at Eday.

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Sand of Rothiesholm ★★★ (3 mi ↓)
>> Walk: Stacks of Stronsay seabirds ★★★ (3 mi ↓)

[View over Papa Sound from Whitehall east pier]


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