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Abbotsford is the former home of Sir Walter Scott, a magnificent country house just across the River Tweed from Galashiels. The writer lived here from 1811 until his death in 1832, and the author's international fame makes the mansion one of the Border region's most popular tourist attractions. The polished visitor setup whisks you through a modern exhibition area (with stylish restaurant), preparing you for the house tour that follows. Amazingly some of the rooms have been open to the public for nearly two centuries, despite Scott's descendants continuing to live elsewhere in the house until 2004. The drawing room, library and study are among the highlights - explored with the help of a detailed audio guide - as well as the smallish but beautiful formal gardens. All parts combined, it's good value for money too.


Location & info

📌 Abbotsford ★★★★
By the B6360 half a mile southwest of Tweedbank, G.R.: NT 508343 ///shipyards.cities.dare
Open daily, March to November | £11.50 adult / £5 child



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