Achnaha volcanic crater

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[Achnaha volcanic crater]

Look closely and you should notice a change to the landscape as you drive north from Kilchoan towards the beautiful beaches dotted around Sanna Bay. The rocky, uneven topography that characterises the rest of the Ardnamurchan peninsula is suddenly replaced by a suspiciously flat and fertile plain ahead, surrounded by a ring of distant hills. And that's because you've just driven through a gap in the cone of a colossal, extinct volcano. The magma upwelling which shaped this crater 60 million years ago also formed the dramatic Cuillin Hills on Skye and Rùm, but here it's the crater which is the most obvious indicator of past volcanic activity - the hamlet of Achnaha sits roughly at the centre. The crater is actually better seen from above (or from your armchair using online aerial photography - follow the link, switch to satellite view and zoom out) but it's an interesting element of the journey to Sanna that many beachgoers miss.

[Red deer seen from the roadside at Achnaha]

Location & info

📌 Achnaha volcanic crater ★★
Around Achnaha, 3 mi north of Kilchoan, G.R.: NM 463683 ///hangs.snowy.paddock
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[View across the crater]


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