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[Carrbridge packhorse bridge]

Carrbridge has long been an important crossing point over the River Dulnain on the old main road north through the Highlands towards Inverness. The quiet village itself mightn't hold your attention for long, but the old packhorse bridge close to the centre comes as a welcome contrast to the brashness of many of the other local attractions focused around nearby Aviemore. The bridge dates to 1717, originally built with low parapets to allow pannier-laden horses to cross without hitting the sides. It owes its comically fragile appearance to the damage it suffered during the "muckle spate" (great flood) of 1829. Amazingly the remaining sliver of stone has survived the two centuries since, even though the burn can reach nearly up to the top of the arch (!) during flood events. Walking on the arch is discouraged, but you can see the bridge from its 1970s replacement which carries the main road into the village from the north; alternatively there are a couple of viewpoints on the south bank with varying qualities of access path.

[View from upstream]

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📌 Carrbridge packhorse bridge ★★
By the B9153, Carrbridge village centre, G.R.: NH 906229 ///eternally.instance.beam
🚆🚌 Bus from Inverness / Grantown / Aviemore. Carrbridge train station is half a mile away.
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[View from downstream]


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