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Leaderfoot Viaduct's 19 sandstone arches span the River Tweed a few miles downstream from Melrose. Its opening in 1863 fulfilled a prediction (see section on Rhymer's Stone) made several centuries earlier by local prophet Thomas Rhymer. By 1981 the structure was in a poor state of repair and on the brink of being demolished, with trains having ceased to cross it 16 years before. Campaigning and subsequent funding for repairs saved the day, and it's now looked after by Historic Environment Scotland. The best viewpoint is probably on the old road bridge over the Tweed immediately east of the viaduct, signposted from the A68.

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📌 Leaderfoot Viaduct ★★
Off A68 1 mi east of Newstead, G.R.: NT 574347 ///wriggled.pave.rewarding
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