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[Logan Fish Pond]

Port Logan in the Rhins of Galloway is best known for Logan Botanic Garden to the north of the village. But it's also home to one of southern Scotland's most unusual attractions. A small blowhole at the back of Port Logan Bay was enlarged in the early 1800s by a local laird into a "larder" to store live fish. A narrow tunnel (again, partly natural) through the rock allows the water level to rise and fall with the tide and lets small fish into the pond, while a more modern grate over the entrance now prevents larger fish escaping. Larder, pond, blowhole, aquarium - call it what you will, but it's an excellent place to see Scottish marine life in quirky surroundings. The friendly (new) owner came prepared with generous portions of fishy food on our visit to tempt some of the more wary residents up from the murky depths. These must be some of the happiest fish anywhere in the seven seas... and no, they don't get eaten any more!

[Lobster chairs a meeting at the edge of the pond]

Location & info

📌 Logan Fish Pond ★★★
Off the B7065 1 mi north of Port Logan, G.R.: NX 092413 ///mole.sculpting.gold
Open daily, March to October | £4 adult / £3 child

💬 High tide (and a couple of hours either side) floods the walkways around the pond - best to visit outside these times.

[Spot the fish!]


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