Mull of Galloway

Dumfries & Galloway | Drummore | Headland & lighthouse | ★★★

[Mull of Galloway]

The Mull of Galloway is Scotland's most southerly headland. 60 metre cliffs falling away into the Irish Sea on all sides allow a coastal panorama unrivalled in this part of Scotland; where else can you clearly see Scotland, Northern Ireland, the English Lake District and the Isle of Man all from the same spot? The 26 metre lighthouse at the headland's high point was built by Robert Stevenson in 1830. Like all Scottish lighthouses it's now automated, but the tower often opens for tours to the top (via 115 stairs) over the summer months. There's also an interesting exhibition area, although in clear weather there's much more to enjoy outside than in. Take a hike around the wider headland to sample the views more fully.

[Lighthouse exhibition area]

Location & info

📌 Mull of Galloway ★★★
Minor road end 6 mi south of Drummore, G.R.: NX 160306 ///meatball.banana.thread
Always open | Free

📌 Mull of Galloway Lighthouse ★★★
Mull of Galloway (see above), G.R.: NX 157304 ///upwards.sharpen.baguette
Open from late March to October. Within this period, exhibition open daily; lighthouse tours at weekends plus extra dates, including daily from late June to August & most school holidays - see website | £5 adult / £1.50 child for combined ticket

[Mull of Galloway Lighthouse]


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