Rest and Be Thankful (A83)

Argyll & Bute | Cairndow | Road pass | ★★★

[View down Glen Croe from the top of Rest and Be Thankful - the road in the foreground is the diversion route]

Safe passage by road between most of Scotland and much of coastal Argyll is blocked by the Arrochar Alps - a range of hills far smaller than their European counterparts but still with plenty of ruggedness of their own. Rest and Be Thankful is the summit of a scenic road pass well worth driving for the views alone, even if you aren't using it to get somewhere. Beinn an Lochain, Ben Donich and several more of the "Alps" are all well seen (and climbed) from the road, with an equally fine view down Glen Croe (not to be confused with Glencoe!) from the top. This pass has been the way across since 1752 when soldiers constructed a military road over the bealach here - imagine the effort involved in ascending before cars were invented and the reason for the name becomes obvious. The pass is still vulnerable in poor weather: although the road doesn't reach a particularly great height, heavy rain causes frequent landslides and rockfalls at all times of year, despite multi-million pound efforts to prevent them. In case of closure, a winding but more reliable single-track diversion (ironically using the exact line of the old military road) provides a potential work-around, provided it isn't threatened by landslides itself.

[The pass and Loch Restil from the ascent of Beinn an Lochain (May 2015)]

Location & info

📌 Rest and Be Thankful (A83) ★★★
A83 between Ardgartan and Cairndow. Summit is at G.R.: NN 230075 ///spilling.buckling.reach. East end is at Ardgartan, G.R.: NN 275032 ///diver.herb.swept. West end is at Cairndow turnoff, G.R.: NN 184113 ///engine.purest.tightest

▶ 16 km / 10 mi | ▲ 260 m
Surfaced A-road, suitable for all vehicles
Almost always: occasional weather-related closures (snow in winter, or landslide risk after heavy rain at any time of year) | Free

[Descending through Glen Croe on the south side of the pass - spot the rockfall barriers up to the left]


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