Ruthven Barracks

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[Ruthven Barracks]

You can't fail to notice these imposing ruins as you drive past on the A9 near Kingussie - unless your eyes are glued to the speedometer thanks to the average speed cameras. Ruthven Barracks have been abandoned since 1746, but the history of the site goes back a further half-century (or several thousand years if you count the mound's original shaping by glacier ice). There's plenty still to see here and it's certainly worth a stopoff on a long journey north / south. The barracks weren't quite abandoned on our first visit: the grassy slopes in the first picture were home to a couple of stoats complete with lovely white, winter coats, very prominent indeed in the snowless landscape.

[One of the twin barrack blocks]

Location & info

📌 Ruthven Barracks ★★
By minor road 1 mi southeast of Kingussie, G.R.: NN 765997 ///unroll.driftwood.ruins
Always open | Free

[View over the Insh Marshes and Cairngorms from the barracks (27/2/15)]


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