Sanna Bay

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[Sanna Bay]

Sanna Bay lies at the very end of one of the roads spidering out west from Kilchoan, near the tip of the Ardnamurchan peninsula. This is nearly the furthest west you can go in mainland Scotland but the scenic journey along the coast and across the crater of an extinct volcano is worth it for the collection of gorgeous beaches which make up Sanna Bay: pristine white sand, exciting rock pools, sparkling ocean and craggy hills behind. The beaches look their finest at low tide but a visit is worthwhile at any time. The sands immediately west of the car park are the most popular; if it's busy, head south or north across low dunes and turf for quieter coves.

[Sanna Bay]

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📌 Sanna Bay ★★★★
Minor road end at Sanna, G.R.: NM 444692 ///places.imparting.distract

[View from the bay towards the Isle of Rùm]


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