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[Castle of St John, Stranraer]

Stranraer is the largest town in Galloway, the far southwestern corner of Scotland, and an excellent base for exploring the beautiful Rhins of Galloway peninsula. Until recently an important port for crossings to Ireland, the ferry terminals have moved further down Loch Ryan, leaving the railway station stranded at the far tip of a largely disused town pier. Losing much of its sea trade can't have been good for Stranraer, with quite a few derelict shops and a curiously high number of boy racers zooming around the one-way system in the evenings. Nevertheless you could still easily spend a few hours here exploring the excellent museum housed in the old Town Hall, central castle and short high street; we can also recommend the local Italian, Landos, for dinner.

[Stranraer harbour]

Location & info

📌 Stranraer ★★
Dumfries & Galloway, G.R.: NX 060609 ///gathering.velocity.pity

🚶 The town centre, museum and castle are all close to each other; everything else is a bus ride away.
🚌 Stranraer is at the end of a long railway line south from Ayr. Trains are infrequent, so buses from towns including Ayr, Dumfries, Newton Stewart or even Edinburgh may be more convenient.
🚗 Some parking spots in the centre are restricted, but there are plenty of unrestricted spaces elsewhere.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Castle of St John (not yet featured)

📌 Stranraer Museum ★★★
George Street, town centre, G.R.: NX 059608 ///
Open Monday to Saturday | Free

Nearby (1-5 mi away)

>> Aldouran Wetland Garden ★★ (3 mi ←)
>> Castle Kennedy Gardens ★★★★ (3 mi →)
>> Aldouran Glen ★★ (4 mi ←)
>> Dunskey Gardens (5 mi ←)

[Stranraer Museum is housed in the old Town Hall, and larger than it looks from the outside!]

[Farming display in Stranraer Museum (29/8/16)]

[Castle Kennedy Gardens (18/6/17)]


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