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[Thomas Coats Memorial Church]

Paisley is brimming over with grand old buildings. One of the most impressive is Thomas Coats Memorial Church, a monumental red sandstone hulk towering over the western end of the High Street. Paisley seems an unusual location for what was - until recently - the largest Baptist church anywhere in Europe. Then again, the town has an unusual industrial history peppered with rich individuals. The building's scale and elaborate interior can be attributed to the local, immensely wealthy Coats family who commissioned the church in 1885 following the death of family member Thomas Coats, a Baptist and philanthropist who made his fortune in the thread industry. Unfortunately the cathedral-like proportions were massively excessive for a town like Paisley, and generated costs which eventually proved unsustainable through a small congregation and visitor donations. Services ceased in 2018, but seemingly against the odds the building reopened as an arts and events space in 2020, now rebranded as Coats Venue.

[Inside the church in 2016]

Location & info

📌 Coats Venue (Thomas Coats Memorial Church) ★★
High Street, 5-min walk west of Paisley town centre, G.R.: NS 478639 ///sings.fine.itself
🚆 Paisley Gilmour Street / Paisley Canal | 🚌 Bus to Paisley | 🚗 Street parking (charge)
Exterior always viewable. Interior probably by appointment | Free

[Marble baptistry in 2016]


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