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[National Mining Museum Scotland]

The National Mining Museum Scotland is a wonderful, part open-air museum based in and around the well-preserved buildings of Lady Victoria Colliery, Scotland's first coal super-pit. It's a fitting tribute to an industry which played such a huge part in Scotland's economy from the late 1800s until a few decades ago. A visit starts with three floors of exhibitions about coal mining and its effect on people's lives. Good, but really just a forerunner to the vast pithead area (with much of the original machinery still in place) and reconstructed coal face (including hundreds of metres of underground tunnels). You can explore by yourself, but you'll get more out of a guided tour: ours was led by a former colliery employee, with the resulting fascinating, personal anecdotes. A guided tour also probably means you can see the huge winding engine in action. Allow a few hours to see it all - as if all this wasn't enough, the museum aims to open up an even bigger area of the pithead in future when funds allow!

[Coal trucks & pithead]

Location & info

📌 National Mining Museum Scotland ★★★★
Murderdean Road (A7), south side of Newtongrange, G.R.: NT 333638 ///inner.twins.flood
🚆 Newtongrange | 🚌 Bus stops outside | 🚗 Car park
Open daily except over Christmas & New Year period | £9 adult / £4 child for all inclusive ticket

[Reconstructed coal face]


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