Rumbling Bridge gorge (River Devon)

Perth & Kinross | Rumbling Bridge | Gorge | ★★★

[Rumbling Bridge(s)]

This unexpectedly dramatic little canyon can be found on the River Devon immediately upstream of Rumbling Bridge village. The intriguing name apparently refers not to the sound of the river below the bridge, but instead to the reverberation caused by vehicles passing over the top: the bridge is built directly over an older one, causing a distinctive rumbling noise. Paths lead along both banks of the river through often humid, rainforest-like scenery with a footbridge at the mid point, and it's worth continuing along both sides until the walls and trees relent after about 500 m. Glimpses down to river level are at a premium, with purpose-built viewing platforms on the west bank providing the best views - it must be an exciting place in spate. Light is muted in the gorge depths even at midday, allowing a colourful array of fungi to spring up during the autumn months. N.B.: Don't confuse the place with the rapids at Rumbling Bridge, Strathbraan!

[Steps lead down in a couple of places to viewing platforms directly over the gorge]

Location & info

📌 Rumbling Bridge gorge (River Devon) ★★★
The gorge extends eastwards / upstream from the A823 at Rumbling Bridge, G.R.: NT 017995 ///
Always open | Free

💬 Rough layby with space for a few cars immediately southeast of the bridge over the River Devon. Clear paths with muddy sections.

[Rumbling Bridge gorge]


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