Glasgow City Chambers

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[Carrara Marble Staircase]

Glasgow City Chambers is the HQ for Glasgow City Council, occupying a commanding position on the east edge of George Square, right at the heart of Scotland's biggest city. Thousands of people must pass its doors every day, but how many know about the daily tours of the resplendent interior? The huge structure was built in 1888 for a whopping £578,000 (massively over-budget) by William Young, incorporating ten million bricks and nearly 10,000 cubic metres of stone. Figures aside, tours include the mahogany council chamber, grand banqueting hall, ornate staircases and upper gallery, the latter with portraits of all the former Lord Provosts.

[Glasgow City Chambers (26/5/17)]

Location & info

📌 Glasgow City Chambers ★★★
George Square, Glasgow city centre, G.R.: NS 594654 ///grass.wallet.stand
Open by tour only, twice daily on weekdays | Free

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