Pickering's Gin Distillery

City of Edinburgh | Old Town | Distillery | ★★★

[Emily and Gertrude - the two spirit stills]

Edinburgh has a notable absence of malt whisky distilleries. But there are no such problems with gin. The city's Southside is home to Pickering's, a tiny 2013 startup based in a former animal hospital-now-turned-major arts centre - err, really. The distillery, also known as Summerhall, runs wonderfully casual "gin jollies" (they're way too hip to call them tours) at all hours including weekends and evenings. The short history of the company is remarkable: basically, flowering from a seemingly unlikely partnership between a butler and a construction worker into a fully-fledged brand in three years. But with just two compact rooms to see and only a handful of staff on the payroll this is still certainly a small-scale operation. An introductory gin and tonic as well as a triple tasting to finish up no doubt makes it a popular jaunt for university students round the corner. And for inquisitive travel bloggers from slightly further afield...

[Labelling line - brand new for November 2016]

Location & info

📌 Summerhall Distillery (Pickering's Gin) ★★★
1 Summerhall Place, 1 mi south of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 263725 ///banana.digit.mouth
Open Thursday to Sunday - booking essential (2019) | £10 (2019)

[The finished product before bottling]


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