Seacliff Beach

East Lothian | North Berwick | Beach | ★★★★

[Bass Rock (left) & Seacliff Beach]

Half a mile of flawless sand, distant views of a ruined castle perched above lonely cliffs, silence only interrupted by breaking waves and cries of seagulls overhead... Seacliff is a perfect example of a remote Highland beach. Except it's in the Lowlands, just 20 miles from Edinburgh. A lack of facilities and a small charge for vehicles (access is by a private road) keeps visitor numbers lowish, but it's a bewitching spot for those in the know. A tiny, rock-cut harbour on the west side, rock pools and the dramatic hulk of Bass Rock dominating the view out to sea add to the attraction. High tide completely covers the beach and also cuts off access to the harbour and adjacent headland, so time your visit carefully.

[View west towards Tantallon Castle]

Location & info

📌 Seacliff Beach ★★★★
Access from the A198 at Auldhame Farm, 3 mi east of North Berwick, G.R.: NT 605845 ///flocking.worldwide.dunes
Always open | Free. The muddy, potholed access road has a £3 charge for vehicles - bring coins or walk / cycle

[Bass Rock]


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