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Annandale Distillery is a new arrival on Scotland's whisky scene... well, sort of. The site actually started producing spirit in 1830 and was later taken over by giants Johnny Walker, but closed in 1924. Fast forward nearly a century and the long-abandoned site caught the attention of a wealthy local businessman. He set about restoring the derelict buildings into a 21st century distillery; the result is a real work of art, and a perfect fusion of old and new. Tours understandably have a historical slant, making them quite different from your average distillery experience. One caveat is that production only began in November 2014: given that Scotch whisky must be aged for at least 3 years, everything inside the casks is still quite young. In the meantime, our tour included tastings of surprisingly drinkable new make spirit. This came in both peated and unpeated varieties, branded as Rascally Liquor.


Location & info

📌 Annandale Distillery ★★★★
Off the B722 1 mi north of Annan, G.R.: NY 195682 ///grandest.backdrop.hugs
Open daily | £12.50+ adult depending on tour type / £4.50 child

[Recent excavations revealed the still room from the 19th century distillery]


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