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Crovie (population not many, pronounced crivvie) is a tiny fishing village a mile along the coast from slightly larger Gardenstown. An exciting coast path connects the two directly, while roads take a longer, much steeper inland route. But while Gardenstown seems to be quietly thriving, Crovie's situation seems less secure. The location, squeezed between steep ground and the wild North Sea, is desperately fragile - in fact, a major storm in 1953 destroyed large parts of the village. There's only room for a single row of cottages, and the track along the sea front barely wide enough for a couple of wheelbarrows, never mind a car. This makes it a perfectly picturesque place to wander around, but you can't help thinking that a repeat of 1953 could put the village's future seriously in doubt.

[Looking down on the village from the approach road]

Location & info

📌 Crovie ★★★
Aberdeenshire, G.R.: NJ 807654 ///every.materials.match

🚌 Buses call at Gardenstown along the coast, from which you can walk to Crovie using our featured walk.
🚗 Visitors are advised to use the car park just short of the final descent into the village, as parking in the centre is limited and the road becomes very steep and narrow.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Gardenstown ★★★
>> Walk: A fishy foray from Gardenstown to Crovie ★★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Pennan ★★★ (2 mi →)
>> RSPB Troup Head ★★★ (2 mi ↑)
>> Walk: Descent into Hell's Lum ★★★ (2 mi →)

[Looking back along the "main" street from the northern end of the village]

[Crovie from the coast path to Gardenstown]


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