Glendronach Distillery

Aberdeenshire | Forgue | Distillery | ★★★

[Glendronach still house]

Glendronach Distillery is found in a remote corner of northern Aberdeenshire, and reopened in 2001 following a few years of closure. Its setting, nestling amongst rolling hills, is reminiscent of a number of Speyside distilleries - although geographically this is (probably) a Highland whisky. The Glendronach Burn runs through the middle of the complex providing the all-important water source. With picturesque pagoda chimneys here, a rather ugly still house there, warehouses pretty much everywhere, there's a real mix of buildings. The visitor centre isn't large but it doesn't need to be - the off the beaten track location keeps visitor numbers low. Our standard tour was a bit brief but nicely informal, ending with the important tasting: unusually, Glendronach uses sherry casks in the maturation of almost its entire range. Think spicy, fruity... the perfect winter warmer perhaps?

[Tasting room and exhibition area]

Location & info

📌 Glendronach Distillery ★★★
By the B9001 1 mi southeast of Forgue, G.R.: NJ 626440 ///niece.patio.tonic
Open daily | £10+ adult depending on tour type

[Glendronach Distillery]


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