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Down an extremely steep and twisty road from the B9031 (which is nearly as steep) is the hidden fishing village of Pennan. A single row of houses hugs the base of the cliffs looking out over the North Sea, only protected from northerly gales by the width of the narrow main street (the only street...) and a paltry sea wall. This was one of the main filming locations for Local Hero (another being Camusdarach Beach on the west coast), with the famous red phone box also appearing on the logo for the village's only pub: the Pennan Inn. We had a meal here back in 2012, but the interior (and hopefully the food) has had a major refurb since then. Despite obvious tourist appeal the village doesn't tend to get overrun, and away from high season it's a great, if chilly, place to escape the rush of daily life.

[View from the harbour]

Location & info

📌 Pennan ★★★
Aberdeenshire, G.R.: NJ 846655 ///suave.survived.unsigned

🚶 The wild terrain hereabouts makes walking to nearby sights - including Hell's Lum - tough.
🚌 This is a remote area and there doesn't seem to be a bus - take a taxi from Gardenstown or New Aberdour.
🚗 Parking on the seafront is very limited, and unsuitable for large vehicles. It may be easier to use the parking area at the top of the hill and walk down.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Walk: Descent into Hell's Lum ★★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Crovie ★★★ (2 mi ←)
>> RSPB Troup Head ★★★ (2 mi ←)
>> Aberdour Bay ★★★ (3 mi →)
>> Gardenstown ★★★ (3 mi ←)
>> Walk: A fishy foray from Gardenstown to Crovie ★★★ (3 mi ←)

[Pennan cottages]

[Hell's Lum]


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