Rough Castle

Falkirk | Bonnybridge | Roman earthworks | ★★★

[Antonine Wall at Rough Castle]

One of the most easily visible sections of the Antonine Wall is around Rough Castle, the wall's best-preserved fort. 2,000 years ago the site included a bath house, granary, HQ and several other buildings although only faint earthworks exist today. More interesting are the curious oval holes found on the other side of the wall. These were defensive "lilia pits", fitted with stakes concealed amongst leaves and twigs and designed to injure invaders from the north. The Antonine Wall is also quite impressive here - or rather, the ditch in front of it, which runs east to west between the car park and the fort (and beyond in either direction). Allow up to an hour to explore the whole area and wear sturdy shoes; a burn runs through the middle of the site with boggy ground surrounding it.

[Stake pits guarding the fort and wall]

Location & info

📌 Rough Castle ★★★
1 mi east of Bonnybridge, G.R.: NS 843799 ///products.already.outhouse
🚌 Bus to Falkirk Wheel (0.5 mi via John Muir Way) | 🚆 Camelon (1 mi) | 🚗 Car park at east end of Bonnyside Road
Always open | Free

[View across Rowan Tree Burn towards Rough Castle]


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