Walk: Descent into Hell's Lum

Aberdeenshire | Pennan | Short walk | ★★★

[Hell's Lum]

The gaping black mouth of Hell's Lum is an ominous sight when seen from Castle Point. Scrambling down to across Troup Burn allows you to descend into the depths of the collapsed sea cave, with a long tunnel carved out by past storms leading all the way to the other side of the headland. There's plenty else to see here too. Aside from Hell's Lum, the coastline around Castle Point features dramatic cliff scenery, a secluded sandy beach (at low tide) and excellent views eastwards towards Pennan.

[Inside Hell's Lum]

📌 Walk: Descent into Hell's Lum ★★★
Start / finish at car park off B9031 1 mi west of Pennan, G.R.: NJ 836661 ///fewer.dark.pursue

▶ 1 km / <1 mi | ▲ 90 m | ⌚ Short | Moderate
Features: Hell's Lum; Castle Point; Cullykhan Bay
Terrain: Mostly narrow grassy paths - reaching Hell's Lum involves steep ground and jumping a small burn which could be problematic in spate. Boardwalk to access beach.

Route & map

Car park - Castle Head - Hell's Lum - Cullykhan Bay - start (or similar)

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: A few seagulls.
Weather: Mostly cloudy, temperature in single figures.

[Good coastal views from Castle Point]


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