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[Cross Kirk]

Cross Kirk is a wooded pocket of history amidst a quiet residential area of Peebles. In 1241, an ornate cross and an urn containing the ashes of St Nicholas - Bishop of Myra, and the origin of Santa Claus - were discovered on the site, leading to the founding of the priory soon after. Cross Kirk later served as the town's parish church after nearby St Andrew's burned down, finally being abandoned in 1784 as the congregation moved to yet another church. Quite a lot of Cross Kirk itself still survives, though less remains of the original monastery outbuildings. It's a peaceful spot - apart from the pair of starlings viciously attacking each other when we were there.

[Main body of the church]

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📌 Cross Kirk ★★
Cross Road, 5-min walk north of Peebles town centre, G.R.: NT 251407 ///subplot.trees.summer
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[Kirk and some of the outbuildings]


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