Peebles Old Parish Church

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[Peebles Old Parish Church]

Despite the name, Peebles Old Parish Church is the newest in the chain of Peebles parish churches. The chain began with St Andrew's, transferred to Cross Kirk in the northern Old Town across the Eddleston Water, continued with a new church built in 1784 on the burn's south bank, and finished with the current building in 1887, on the same site as its predecessor. Got all that? The interior feels slightly smaller than you might expect given how the church dominates the west end of the High Street, but features beautiful stained glass windows, paintings, flags and galleries on 3 sides.

[Inside the church]

Location & info

📌 Peebles Old Parish Church ★★
West end of High Street, Peebles town centre, G.R.: NT 250404 ///tiger.ponies.lurching
Open daily | Free

[View from Peebles High Street]


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