St Andrew's Tower

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[St Andrew's Tower]

St Andrew's Tower, and a fragment of wall draped in vegetation beside it, is the oldest building still (partly) standing in Peebles. It belongs to St Andrew's Church, the town's parish church for 450 years from 1195 until 1548, when the rest of the church burned down in an attack by one of Henry VIII's armies. Cross Kirk became Peebles' new place of worship, but the old tower has survived another 450 years and is now the centrepiece to the town cemetery. The rest of the church is mostly gone, though some of the stones now form part of the road bridge over the River Tweed!

[The tower is now in the middle of the town cemetery]

Location & info

📌 St Andrew's Tower (Peebles)
Neidpath Road (A72), 10-min walk west of Peebles town centre, G.R.: NT 246406 ///newsreel.honest.cabbages. Car park adjacent.
Always open (exterior only) | Free

[Tower and remaining wall]


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