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[Tweeddale Museum and Gallery]

Tweeddale Museum and Gallery is the main museum in the Borders town of Peebles, and is thus the best place find about more about the region's history as far back as Roman times - with a focus on the more recent wool and textile industries. There's also a gallery with changing exhibitions. The museum is housed in the 16th century Chambers institution alongside The John Buchan Story Museum, which seems to be run separately.

[The museum is housed within the Chambers Institution (9/8/20)]

Location & info

📌 Tweeddale Museum and Gallery ★★
Chambers Institution, High Street, Peebles town centre, G.R.: NT 252404 ///taxed.potions.arrived
Open Monday to Saturday, but temporarily closed at time of update in October 2020 | Free

[Tweeddale Museum and Gallery]


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