Walk: On Cademuir Hill - a writer's round

Scottish Borders | Peebles | Half day walk | ★★★

[Cademuir Hill]

Long before the town of Peebles was founded, iron age settlers established three great hill forts on nearby Cademuir Hill. Much later in the 1890s, budding author John Buchan wrote a short story entitled "On Cademuir Hill" about the local landscape. Fittingly then, the recently opened John Buchan Way provides the route for the first half of this varied circuit, visiting the trio of forts with superb views over the Manor Water - meandering haphazardly "like the scrawl of a pen of a bad writer" as perfectly described by Buchan. Views are a little more restricted for the return along the River Tweed, but with plenty to look out for including an old viaduct and a couple of imposing tower houses, as well as the river itself.

[River Tweed near Manorbridge Wood on the return]

📌 Walk: On Cademuir Hill - a writer's round ★★
▶ 13 km / 8 miles | ▲ 240 metres
Summits: Cademuir Hill west top (407 metres) | Features: Peebles & town sights; Cademuir Hill forts; Barns Tower & House; River Tweed; Neidpath Castle
Start / finish: Kingsmeadows car park, just south of the bridge over the Tweed, Peebles, G.R.: NT 252402 ///pickup.against.charm

Route: Car park - Cademuir Hill forts via John Buchan Way - descent northwest off ridge at G.R.: NT 223371 - Milton - Kirkton Manor - Barns Tower & House - return to stile at G.R.: NT 217388 - River Tweed - cross bridge at G.R.: NT 229395 - Neidpath Castle by north bank - Peebles & start
Terrain: Mostly clear paths and tracks with fairly gentle gradients, occasionally muddy. Brief pathless section on descent from Cademuir Hill, and a couple of short stretches of minor road.
Wildlife today: Loads of pregnant ewes; starlings and other small birds; mallards and goosanders on the Tweed.
Weather today: Unbroken sunshine, though a bit hazy. Generally just above freezing; a little windy higher up.

>> Peebles page: Peebles ★★☆☆☆ & town sights

[The final leg has numerous glimpses of Neidpath Castle, high on a rocky bluff overlooking the Tweed]

Route map

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)


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